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[saro_events] SARO Meeting Minutes 11/13

Thanksliving Insomniacs event: 
-Over 60 attendants- success!!
-See pictures of the event on our facebook page:

Albany VegFest:
-Where/When: Tomorrow 11/16, Polish Community Center in Albany, NY
-What: Mercy for Animals asked for volunteers to pamphlet at their table
-Amber will be driving there at 6-7am and if you would like a lift contact her at

Vegan potluck:
-Where: Amber’s house
-When: Sunday 11/7 at 6pm
-What: awesome vegan food + awesome people
-if interested, contact Amber to get her address:

Cruelty-free Friday protest:
-Instead of the annual Fur-Free Friday protest, this will be an event to raise public awareness about all forms of animal cruelty: animal testing, leather, factory farms, etc.
-When: Saturday 12/7 from 1-2pm
-Where: Skaneateles Furs
-What: join animal rights activists to protest all forms of animal cruelty
-There will be a carpool leaving from Recess Cafe at noon on 12/7

Ugg leafletting:
-We are in the process of organizing a leafletting event on SU campus to raise awareness about the sheep slaughter in the Ugg industry, hopefully before winter break
-We will be distributing copies of this poster from the PETA campaign:
-Contact Lindsey Chubb if interested

Vegan bake sale:
-When: Tuesday during Finals Week, 12/10 from noon to 3pm
-Where: bottom floor of Moon library by the stairs
-These funds will be donated to Adopt-a-Turkey through Farm Sanctuary
-There will be a baking event the day before at Amber’s house- contact Amber if you’d like to bake at

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