Mission Statement:

SARO, The Syracuse Animal Rights Organization is a group of people opposed to cruelty towards animals. Open to all people, SARO works to educate the public on issues related to animals that fall victim to the Farming, Fashion, Research, and Entertainment Industries. We voice our opinions in political and social forums, and do so with dignity and compassion. No person shall be turned away from joining our efforts based on gender, political association, race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. We support and utilize non-violent tactics in the pursuit of our goals, and embrace educational outreach.

As of 2012, we operate as a 501(3)(c) who makes less then $5,000. We will file a 990N for each year starting with 2012. The 990N will be publicly available on this website.

Educational Program Platform

SARO is looking to initiate a well rounded educational program for students in the Campus Hill area on responsible companion-animal ownership, low-cost spay and neuter clinics, and many other similar subjects. We intend to initiate this program in the Spring with at least one educational outreach event and the creation of literature with the same resounding messages.


SARO was organized in the winter of 2003 by several student and community members in the Syracuse area. Since then SARO has participated in various national and local campaigns, seeing victories along the way.

Just a few months after forming, SARO successfully got Georgio’s Furs kicked out of Carousel Mall, and continues to boycott at the downtown location. Story
In the spring of 2004, SARO held our first annual conference, the Animal Liberation Student Association Conference, drawing academics and activists from all across the country and bringing together several movements.
In winter of 2005, SARO participated in a successful petition drive against Wet Seal, a clothing store that quickly stopped using rabbit fur in their garments.
In Winter of 2005, several SARO members traveled to Antarctica with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to directly fight illegal whaling operations. Story
In fall of 2006, Ringling Circus came to Syracuse, SARO responded with 3 double banner hangs over busy Rt. 81, and protests at every single showing. Ringling had such low attendance, they left a day early.
In 2008, on Valentines Day, SARO launched a campaign against the cruelty evolved in the production of Foie gras (pronounced “fwah grah”), which translates from French as “Fatty liver.” Story
Throughout the year, SARO continues with vegan potlucks, video screenings, leafleting and informational tabling events, vegan ice cream and food giveaways, day trips to nearby Farm Sanctuary, and various other social and activist events.

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