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Pour beer to help cats

The CNY Cat Coalition is in need of help for one of our biggest fundraisers. We have been pouring beer at the SU dome for a number of years. This has enabled us to spay and neuter many cats. We are looking for beer pourers. This is not a hard job and only lasts through the first half of any game. When beer pouring ends you are free to watch the rest of the game. Requirements, long pants, closed toe shoes, and nothing sleeveless. This is a great volunteer oppurtunity for students without cars, since it is on campus.

We have 3 football games left they are as follows:
Date Game Time Show up time for volunteers
October 5, 2012 7:00 5:00
October 19, 2012 8:00 6:00
November 11, 2012 Unknown will post when time is available

If you can help please let Michelle Powers know at 812-599-5983 or Marietta Rowe at
315-455-2157. Leave a message and we will get back to you .
We also pour beer for Basketball Season and will be posting that schedule as soon as it is available. Many cats will be grateful for your help.

>Rescued Rats need homes!

>Spring has come again, and with it, all the discarded laboratory rats used in pointless psychology experiments at colleges all across the country. Luckily, some professors are willing to surrender these rats to rescue groups instead of killing them by gas or be-heading, but only if we can find enough homes for them! We have just two weeks to find foster or ‘forever’ homes for all of these rats. Please consider opening your home to a pair of these little guys.

Syracuse Animal Rights Organization volunteers will temporarily foster and arrange transport if need be for upstate NY adopters. Please consider a small donation in lieu of an adoption fee to help cover the cost of care and transportation.

Message from The Humane League of Philadelphia:

The Humane League was recently contacted by a local university about 44 laboratory rats who were used in a basic psychology class. After being subjected to pointless experiments and confined their entire lives in individual plastic tubs where they had no contact with others, these rats were slated to be killed – but, if The Humane League can find homes for all of these rats, the university is willing to turn them over to us. Please consider opening your home to a pair(or more of these sweet, friendly, and easy to care for creatures. All are white albino males that get along well with others. Of the 20 million animals experimented on each year in the U.S., only a few hundred are freed to live the rest of their days in peace. Please help us take advantage of this opportunity, please sign up to save a life (or lives) today! If you are interested in adopting, or have questions, please email sally(at) We only have two weeks to find homes for all 44 or they will be killed, so please contact us today and help us spread the word!