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>Bangging On Ft. Drum

>Members of SARO joined PETA to protest the cruel use of animals at Ft. Drum.

From PETA:

Thousands of live animals are shot, stabbed, dismembered, burned, and poisoned every year in Department of Defense (DoD) training exercises, designed to train medics and infantry in how to treat various human battlefield injuries. Fort Drum plans to fatally wound live animals for the sole purpose of treating their traumatic injuries.

Mutilating living animals to teach military medics how to treat injuries in humans is both unethical and ineffective. The physiology and anatomy of non-human animals are drastically different from that of humans, and more sophisticated non-animal simulators are used in most medical schools and at several military trauma centers.

We need your help in urging Fort Drum to end its outdated trauma-training exercises on animals and adopt one of the many non-animal methods – such as rotations in military trauma hospitals and the use of the DoD’s own Combat Trauma Patient Simulator.

Please be sure to send PETA’s automated letter to your congressional representative and senators asking them to urge President Obama to ban military trauma exercises on animals.

>Ringling Bros. Circus Is Caught Abusing Animals Again

>People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has released a video to the media showing what one man, posing as a stagehand for six months, had to witness. As seen in the video the elephants where beat for no reason at all, making seem as if they can’t do anything right.

PETA has filed charges under Animal Welfare Act governed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. PETA also plans to file charges in each of the states where the abuse took place, including New York, when the circus was at Madison Square Garden, in New York City.

From 2005 to 2008 the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s own Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service noted 24 violations of animal mishandling out of 52 inspections.

Watch Video

>In Wisconson Someone Trys To Put Their Wiener(mobile) Where It Does Not Belong


MOUNT PLEASANT (Wisconsin) – The owner of a southern Wisconsin house might not be in love with the Oscar Mayer wiener right now.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashed into a Mount Pleasant house around noon Friday.
Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki (zahr-ZEK-ee) says the 22-year-old female driver was turning the giant hot dog on wheels around in a driveway and thought she was reversing but instead went forward and crashed into the deck and garage.

No one was home and no one was injured.

Oscar Mayer spokeswoman Sydney Lindner apologized for any inconvenience to the home owner. Lindner says the company will work with insurance companies to fix the damage to the house and vehicle.


This happens just days after PETA asks Oscar Mayer to “bury the Wienermobile.” ( Story ) I see this as a sign that PETA might have been right on this one.

>State Could Open Green Lakes State Park to Hunting


State Park officials to hold hearing on opening Green Lakes State Park to hunting.

For those of you who don’t know, Green Lakes State Park is located just outside of the Syracuse in Fayetteville, NY.

Green Lakes State Park is currently open to biking, boating, camping, golfing, hiking, picnicking, family playgrounds, cross-country skiing and more, but all that will end will bullets start flying and animals start dying.  See more information on this park at .

The hearing will be held Tuesday, July 7th at 7pm at Pine Grove Middle School, 6318 Fremont Rd., East Syracuse, NY 13057

Onondaga Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs plans to speak at this hearing in favor of hunting in the park, we need to be there to show that we don’t want hunting in this park.  I know this is short notice but please come to the meeting if you can.  However if you can’t make the meeting please send a message to Park Planner, Mark Hohengasser (see below for contact info) you have a month to send messages.

For further information on the meeting, call the Green Lakes State Park Golf Course Main Office at 315-637-6111.

Written comments can be sent to the state up to Aug. 7 to:

Mark Hohengasser
Park Planner
Agency Building 1, 17th floor
Empire State Plaza
Albany, N.Y. 12238

or by emailing

Thank you for your time and action on this