Monthly Archives: June 2010

>Rescued baby rats need homes

Six baby rats, who are currently 6 weeks old, need adoptive homes. These little guys are all white with red eyes and are second generation lab rats. They were born in the ‘free world’ and have never been experimented on. While being picked up from the University psychology laboratory in New Jersey that did not want them and would have killed them if no homes where found, the female rats and male rats got mixed together for a short while. That was all the time they needed for two of the rats to get pregnant. All of the mother and father rats have found safe, lifelong homes, and now these baby rats are ready to go to theirs.They have been handled since birth and are energetic and friendly. There are four males and two females. These rats will likely live 2-4 years. They are bonded with each other and must be adopted in pairs of the same sex. There is an $8 adoption fee per pair to cover the substantial transportation and food/bedding costs so far, and which will help us continue these rescues, totaling close to 200 rats so far!

Pictures of the rats can be found in the ‘pics’ section at under “rescued animals for adoption & post adoption”
Email for more information, to set up a visitation, or adoption for these little guys.

>Help stop giant feedlot/slaughterhouse proposed in Upstate NY!

>Please sign this petition and send to anyone you know who might be interested in doing the same. This giant slaughterhouse has been repelled from several other counties in our state- let’s keep it from being able to settle down!

A group of people living in or near Oswego County have been working hard against the proposal to build a 72,000 cow feedlot/slaughterhouse/manure fuel processing plant, which would cause untold animal suffering and environmental pollution. Please go to to learn more and to sign the petition. You don’t have to live in Oswego County to sign the petition and the creators of the petition request that it get sent along to anyone in NY who might sign it.