[saro_events] Vegan Support group in Auburn

Vegans and those on your way to a plant-based diet –


We will gather on Monday, September 23 at 6:30 p=
m at the Ward O’Hara Agricultural Museum located in Auburn on Rou=
te 38A, just across the street from Emerson Park. (For those of you who nee=
d directions, visit www.cayuganet.org/agmuse=


Over the summer it was heartwarming to=
welcome new friends, and I am optimistic that new faces will be showing up=
in the months ahead. Please be sure to encourage any of your like-minded f=
amily members, friends and acquaintances to come and experience delicious v=
egan dining in the company of wonderful people!


Bring a dish to pass, the recipe and a place set=
ting. Also, for adults, if you could help out with the cost of using the ro=
om at the Ag Museum by placing a $5.00 donation in the basket provided, tha=
t would be appreciated. No one will be turned away if this would cause hard=


This month will mark the one year anniversary of=
our meetings. Isn’t that great?


See you Monday!



Amber Canavan
Studies Major
Environment, Communication and Society
SUNY College of=
Environmental Science and Forestry