[saro_events] Filmmaker wants to interview SARO members

Anyone who wants to participate =
should email the man below.

Begin forwarded message:

My name is Zach Zimmerman, and I am an author and filmmaker from Wisconsin.=

I am contacting you to let you know that I will be on campus this=20
Wednesday to film for my next project, “Generation Z”, a documentary and
social media platform filmed by and for our generation.

due to clearance issues, we are unable to film any footage for the=20
actual documentary at Syracuse, we would still like to collect some=20
material for the social media website we plan to launch soon.

came across your organization on the Syracuse website, and was very intrig=
If any of your members are interested, we will be filming student’s=20
opinions on current issues to then feature on our website upon its=20
launch. Each student will be given 30 seconds to rant in any way they so
please to express their ideology behind animal rights.

Please have any interested members email me at generationzdocumentary@gmail.com. Also, feel free to run an idea by me if there is a topic you’d like to=
talk about that I’ve missed.

For more information on my projects, you can visit my website,
man.com, or=
my recently-funded Kickstarter campaign, http://kck.st/17EtkjC.

Thanks for your time,

Zach Zimmerman