[saro_events] Temporary foster home needed for two cats

Forwarded message from a SARO member whose friend needs help:

 My friend, Rachel, and her husband and young daughter are searching for a temporary home for their two cats starting now until January or February, 2013. They sold their home and are currently living with the in-laws until they buy a new house. Grandma is allergic to cats and other family members are unable to take in the cats. The cats are in limbo until they buy their new home. Rachel and her husband are willing to compensate for food, litter, veterinary care but can’t afford the exorbitant cost of boarding the cats.

 If anyone is available to provide a temporary home for Rachel’s two cats, please contact her at: rachieal@yahoo.com or call 315-529-7550.

 Thank you,

 Julie Grinstead

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