[saro_events] Uggs education day!

Message from SARO Vice PresidentLindsay Chubb:

Daisy and I will be
leafletting for about an hour on the QUAD or by Schine during the class
release rush. We can provide the leaflets, all you have to do is hand
them out! If you can’t find us you can contact Lindsey at (518)
929-6316. Come help us spread awareness about the UGGLY truth!

Tons of people walk around in UGGs =85 but how many people do you think
would never buy another pair of UGG boots again if they knew that sheep
were castrated without painkillers or that they have their throats cut
just for fashion?
Now is your chance to help stop sheep from being killed for boots. It=92s the holiday shopping season=97the perfect time to tell your friends why they should scratch UGGs off their wish lists!

When: Thursday, December 5thMeet on the quad at 12noon to get your stack of leaflets from Lindsay and Daisy andpick your spot on the quad before the classes change.
For more info check out:
RSVP and commicate with Lindsay about this event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1453493271544322/