SARO Meeting Minutes 1/28

Mice for adoption- contact Amber if interested at

Pay-per-view event!
-What: offering $1 to anyone who will watch a four-minute documentary called Farm to Fridge in order to raise
awareness of the inhumanity of factory farms
-Where: Schine student center on SU campus
-When: Thursday February 6 from 10am to 4pm

Peter Young may come back to speak at SU this spring semester- more details to follow based on the outcome of the funding

Meeting documentaries
-SARO meetings will include documentary screenings (~20 minutes at the end of each meeting) from next week onward
-Possible choices: Speciesism, Lolita Slave to Entertainment

Lemongrass foie gras situation
-Keep up the conversations and phone calls
-contact information for the restaurant can be found here:

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