SARO Meeting Minutes 2/4

Pay-per-view at SU
-When/Where: Was held on Thursday 2/6 at Schine Student Center from 10am-2pm
-What: Gave $1 to people who watched a 4-minute Farm to Fridge video on the inhumane
slaughter of factory farm animals

Bold Native screening
-When/Where: Tuesday 2/25 at 7pm in Illick Hall Rm 05
-What: Bold Native will be shown, a fictional narrative about animal liberation, plus
free food!
-Learn more about the movie at:

Peter Young presentation
-We are planning for him to speak in the Life Sciences Complex Rm 011 (Keech classroom)
on March 28th at 7pm
-Will find out the funding situation this week- more details to come

Weekly documentary screening
-We started the documentary Speciesism- to be continued next meeting
-Learn more about Speciesism here:
-We will continue to watch documentaries at weekly meetings during the semester

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