[saro_events] SARO Meeting Minutes 2/18

Utica town meeting regarding the slaughterhouse:
-When: town meeting on March 3rd at 6:30pm, zoning commission meeting on March 5th
at 6:30pm
-Where: Utica city hall
-SARO members will be meeting with resident activists on March 3rd before the meeting,
and attend it together with a prepared side of debate
-SARO carpool will meet at Recess Cafe (110 Harvard Place) at 4pm
-Contact Amber if interested at toneuteriscuter@msn.com

Peter Young speaking event
-SU funding request was approved!
-When: March 28th at 7pm
-Where: Life Sciences Complex, Room 011 (Keech classroom)
-Who: Peter Young is an animal rights activist, protestor, public speaker, author,
animal liberator, and founder of the Animal Liberation Frontline.

Bold Native Screening
-When: February 25th at 7pm
-Where: Illick 05
-Free food!

Vegan bake sale
-When: March 6th from 10am-4pm (will likely end around 2pm)
-Where: table in Gateway building (the new building on ESF campus, directly behind Moon
Library and right above the field in front of Sadler)
-Possible Farm to Fridge pay-per-view screenings at the bake sale

Rod Coronado
-First I would like to apologize for the typo in the last meeting minutes- Coronado
will NOT be coming to Utica, he will be speaking in the following New York locations:
Buffalo (2/26), Troy (2/27), Brooklyn (2/28), and possibly Saratoga Springs (3/3)
-SARO is unable to arrange a carpool, but anyone who is able to should check out one of
the events

Lemon Grass foie gras situation
-Lemon Grass recently put up a picture of their foie gras dish and asked for public
opinion on the dish- share a comment on their picture here
(if you can’t follow the link, go to the SARO facebook page and scroll down to the post
by Anneka that announces Lemon Grass’s foie gras addition, and check out her comment
with a link to “Mobile Uploads”)

Meeting documentary screening
-Continued to watch Speciesism, a documentary that explores the concealed truths of
factory farms
-You can learn more about this movie at: http://speciesismthemovie.com/

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