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>SARO September/October Events

>SARO Semester Kick-off Meetings!
What: Come learn the history and current campaigns of the only Syracuse
University based animal protection organization and learn how to get
involved! A regular meeting schedule for the next several months will be decided at this meeting. Everyone is welcome! Snacks provided!
When: Monday, September 13th at 7pm
Where: Meet in Panasci Lounge located on the 3rd(top) floor of the Schine Student Center on S.U. Campus. Look for the SARO banner.

Annual Walk for Farm Animals
An annual event that helps spread the word about the treatment of animals on factory farms and raises vital funds for the rescue, education and advocacy work of Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s largest farmed animal sanctuary, which is located in nearby Watkins Glen, NY
When: Saturday, September 25th starting at 10am
Where: Thornden Park in Syracuse
Register online at

Day Trip visit to Farm Sanctuary
We will carpool down to visit the rescued animals at Farm Sanctuary in beautiful Watkins Glen, NY. $15 per person covers gas/tolls and admission. Snacks are for sale in the gift shop, but bringing a bag lunch is recommended. Wear boots or sneakers for muddy areas. Information on the sanctuary can be found here: Email to RVSP you seat or if you have a vehicle and would like to help the carpool.
When: Saturday, September 18th. Carpool leaves S.U. at 10am, returns at 6pm.

World Anti-McDonalds Day Protest
Every year on October 16th people all over the world come together in peaceful protest against this corporate junk food giant to raise awareness about McDonald’s human, animal and environmental violations. Join us and our fun chicken and french fry costumes while we distribute packets of information to passerby about healthier, humane options. Free parking is available in neighboring parking lots. More info can be found at
When: Saturday, October 16th from 12-1pm
Where: McDonald’s 2442 Erie Blvd. East Syracuse, NY

>Dogs Deserve Better: Winter Outreach

>Please join SARO to remind people that a life on a chain is no life at all, but this holds especially true during the winter months.  On Saturday, December 5th SARO will be standing on the corner of Alliance Bank Pkwy and Park St asking people to please be kind to their dogs this winter and bring them indoors.

Why: To increase public awareness that having dogs on chains or in pens is not only inhumane and barbaric but also a public safety issue. More info at
When: Saturday, December 5th, 3:30pm-4:30pm
Where: Syracuse, NY, on the corner of Alliance Bank Parkway and Park St.
NOTE: The Carousel Mall entrance is directly across the street from where we’ll be. Mapquest: Type in 2100 Park St. for the Regional Market. If you are driving to this event please park in the Regional Market or the Regional Transportation Center parking lots not in the Carousel Center parking lot.
What to bring: Signs will be provided, or bring your own. Sign ideas are:”Dogs are family, too”; “Unchain your dog”; “No chains or pens for dogs”; etc.

Please remember to DRESS WARMLY!  We will be in the shade and it will be much cooler than you might expect.

Demonstration Location Map:

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>Regional Fur Free Friday Demonstration

>Fur Free Friday is an anti-fur action day held every year the day after Thanksgiving-the busiest shopping day of the year. Join local anti-fur activists from across the state to protest the cruel and unnecessary killing of animals for their fur. We will hold signs and distribute literature encouraging consumers to choose cruelty free fashions. For more information about Fur Free Friday, visit Posters and literature provided or you can bring your own!

Where: Skaneateles Furs at 44 East Genesee Street, Skaneateles, NY 13152

What: Peaceful legal protest with signs, banners and fliers about the gruesome truth of the fur industry. It may be COLD! Wear a hat and gloves!

When: Friday Nov. 27th from 1-2pm

Carpool Info: Meet at the S.U. Schine Student Center loading dock area
on Waverly Ave. in Syracuse at 12noon sharp.

Carpool Map:

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>Zombie Flash Mob Anti-fur Protest

>SARO received this flier the other day and though it was a good concept, so we thought we’d pass it along to you.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is an Anti-Fur Zombie Flash Mob you ask?  Well, a flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public space, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse.

For this particular event, people will be dressed as zombies, declaring “I’d rather be dead than wearfur.”
 – Meet at the Regional Market Building located at 2100 Park Street at 12 noon sharp, no dawdling.
 – Look for the sign “Zombies Meet Here”
 – Come dressed in zombie garb: ripped, dirty and disheveled clothing.  Wear your own zombie makeup or bring $3 to use provided makeup.
 – All zombies will receive a briefing before the event begins.
 – People not planning on being a zombie need not attend.

Need some inspiration on being a zombie?  Hulu is playing Dawn of the Dead until March 1, 2010 for free.

>PETA Dumping Dairy Covered In Post-Standard


PETA’s downtown protest focuses on poor treatment of cows

By The Post-Standard

October 22, 2009, 3:06PM

By Lynette Chen / Contributing writer
Syracuse, NY — Dressed as a cow, a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals dumped gallons of “milk”— actually floured water — today in front of a downtown Syracuse grocery store.

The action at C.L. Evers & Co. on Water Street was part of a protest against what PETA refers to as factory dairy farms and their poor treatment of cows.

Virginia Fort, assistant campaign coordinator at PETA, wore a body-screen TV showing newly released footage taken by a whistleblower at a farm that supplies the Land O’Lakes company. The video shows sick, exhausted cows struggling to stand and being forced to hobble through a massive build-up of their own waste.

“You may want to stop drinking dairy after seeing this,” Fort said. “We want people who go in there and buy milk to know what’s going on behind the scenes of factory farms.

Dairy cows are kept consistently pregnant and forced to produce up to 10 times more than they actually would, Fort said. After several years of abuse, their bodies are shipped off to slaughters where they are made into ground beef , soup or hamburgers, she said.

The footage was taken during a PETA undercover investigation at a farm in Pennsylvania. PETA regularly sends volunteers wearing hidden cameras to factory farms and warehouses to capture footage of what may be shoddy practices, Fort said. Investigators found cows that were sick and unable to move, denied medical care despite being in pain and abused by the farm’s owners. PETA said it is filing complaints against the farm.

No one at the grocery store agreed to comment on the record about the demonstration.


>Gallons of Milk Dumped at Syracuse Grocery Store by Angry PETA Activists


Video Shot at a Land O’Lakes Supplier’s Facility Shows How Cows and Calves Are Left to Suffer on Factory Dairy Farms

For Immediate Release:
October 21, 2009
Shakira Croce 757-622-7382

Syracuse, N.Y. — Dressed as a cow, a PETA supporter will dump gallons of “milk” outside a grocery store in Syracuse as part of a protest against cruel factory dairy farms. Another protester will wear a body-screen TV showing newly released video footage taken by a whistleblower at a farm that supplies Land O’Lakes. The video–which shows sick, exhausted cows struggling to stand and being forced to hobble through a massive build-up of their own waste–will reveal to consumers how much filth and suffering goes into the production of milk and other dairy products. The cows suffered from painful infections and severe lameness, and animals were kept in miserable conditions and deprived of even basic care. Some of the animals went untreated and were not put out of their misery when they were in pain and unable to stand.

When:   Thursday, October 22, 1 p.m.

Where:  C.L. Evers & Company, 214 W. Water St., Syracuse

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“This investigation shows that when you don’t wean yourself off milk, butter, and cheese, you may be paying someone to cause great suffering to animals on factory farms,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “Anyone with a conscience will find this footage disturbing, but people can help stop these abuses by dropping dairy products from their diets.”

PETA launched the investigation after a whistleblower working at the farm became concerned about conditions there and contacted PETA for help earlier this year. Investigators discovered cows who were sick and unable to move, were denied medical care despite being in pain, and were abused by the farm’s owners. The owners–a man and his son–have now been charged with cruelty to animals.

For more information, please visit

>A Walk and A Protest in One Day

>This past weekend was a a busy one for SARO. Okay really it was Saturday that was super busy for SARO.

Saturday morning, we hit the paved trails of Onondaga Park in Liverpool for the annual Walk For Farm Animals. SARO was joined by more than thirty walkers who walked for about an hour.  We got a little exercise and helped raise money for Farm Sanctuary. Farm Sanctuary in case you hadn’t heard is a national farm animal rescue organization based out of Watkins Glen, NY.  In Watkins Glen they have a 175-acre farm where animals come to spend their remaining years after being rescued from abuse or neglect.

This month SARO is planning a carpool-trip to Farm Sanctuary on Saturday, October 17th, just weeks before they close this year’s touring season.  The carpool cost $5.00 (gas for the drivers) and the tour is $3.00.  Please email info[AT] if you are interested in joining us.

After the Walk For Farm Animals, SARO then participated in a protest against KFC.  SARO has been doing KFC protests off and on for a few years now.  This year we changed locations from the Erie Blvd location to the Butternut St and Park St location.  This protest is in support of PETA, who called for all KFC locations nation wide to protested at until KFC changes their methods.  Please see PETA’s Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign for more ways you can help and for more information on why you shouldn’t eat at KFC.

>Tonight’s Protest of Foie Gras

>The foie gras protest tonight was a fun and interesting experience! Although we thought we had figured out all the kinks with the Syracuse Police Department trying to infringe on our right to free speech, we again had to rehash with them that we are legally allowed to protest on a public sidewalk. The owners of L’Adour recently took down their ‘protester shield’ curtains, and we believe they were upset being ‘caught in the open’ with no way to keep their customers from looking out the windows at us! Also, this protest saw the biggest turnout in over a year and we thank everyone for coming out for the ducks! It renews our hope that we can keep up the energy needed to keep this campaign against foie gras alive! Stay tuned for more foie gras protests!

foie gras protest at Ladour 09/25/09

In the mean time, check out photos of tonight’s protest here: (apologies for all the red-eye photos!)
Check out our website about L’Adour here:
and, as always, contact L’Adour directly and keep the pressure on:
Write: L’Adour, 110 Montgomery St., Syracuse, NY 13202.
Call: 315-475-7653
Fax: 315-471-9713

>SARO To Protest Tonight Over Foie Gras Being Served In Syracuse

>After being made aware of the inherent cruelty to ducks in foie gras production, L’adour refuses to take the product off their menu or sign a foie gras free pledge. Please show support for all the birds suffering on these farms by coming to SARO’s public outreach events and contacting L’Adour(below). For more information about foie gras, please watch the video(s) posted below

Please visit YouTube to watch a 12 minute video call Foie Gras: Culinary Cruelty

Protest Details
What: Hold signs and distribute literature to the dinner crowd at L’Adour. Signs and literature provided-including our large ‘‘ banner. Just bring yourself and friends!
Important Note: Due to the ‘upscale’ nature of the crowd and in order
to better advocate for the animals, please dress ‘business casual’.
Where: L’Adour Restaurant, 110 Montgomery St. in Downtown Syracuse
When: Friday, September 25th from 7pm-8pm
Carpool info: Meet at the Schine Student Center loading dock(facing
Waverly Ave.) on SU Campus at 6:30pm sharp.

Other Ways You Can Help
Write: L’Adour 110 Montgomery St., Syracuse, NY 13202.
Call: 315-475-7653
Fax: 315-471-9713
Keep the issue fresh in the mind of L’Adour owners and patrons.  Please make
sure you state your opposition to L’Adour serving foie gras. Feel free
to call, write and email the restaurant letting them know you want
foie gras off their menu and you don’t plan on giving them business
until then.