[saro_events] Welcome Back!

Hello Everyone and welcome back!=

We are excited to have a productive and effective semester!
I did an=
interview with a Daily Orange reporter on the topic of transparency in the=
animal experimentation industry, so make sure to pick up a copy when the a=
rticle runs on Thursday.
Meetings are starting up again, so bring your e=
nthusiasm and ideas on what our club can do to advocate for animals this wi=

SARO General Interest Meetings
 These meetings are for anyone who has&n=
bsp;an interest in being involved in the
club- sit in on a meeting or jump r=
ight in your first time to help organize=

events on campus that help animals!
 When: Tuesdays from 7-8pm for the Spring 2014 sem=
ester(starting this Tuesday, the 21st)
*excludes February 25th, which wi=
ll be a film screening night, and spring break week, on March 11th*
 Where: Room 110 Moon Library, ESF Campu=

SARO cat foster program
SARO is attempting to assist the low cos=
t spay and neuter clinic Spay and
Neuter Syracuse (SANS) with the recently aban=
doned cats who were just left
carriers in the parking lot. If you live&nbsp=
campus(dorms do not allow animals) and would&=
nbsp;like to foster a cat or two for
the semester, email Amber at  alcoon@syr.edu. Supp=
lies such as litter
boxes, food and litter can be provided i=
f needed.

Amber Canavan
SARO President
tal Studies
Environment, Communication and Society
SUNY College of En=
vironmental Science and Forestry