[saro_events] SARO meeting tomorrow!

Hey Everyone=
I hope Spring Break treated you well! We have six more weeks in snowy =
Syracuse, so let’s make it count for the animals!

SARO General Inter=
est Meetings
When: Every Tuesday from 7-8pm for the rest of the semester=

So: Tuesday March 18th and 25th, April 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29thWhere: Room 110 Moon Library, ESF Campus
What: General interest meetin=
gs are open to anyone. We will be discussing current issues and planning ev=
ents. At the end of each meeting, we will watch an animal-friendly document=
ary. Currently, we are watching Speciesism: The Movie.

Former Animal=
Liberation Prisoner Peter Young Speaks
When: Friday, March 28th from 7=
Where: room 011(Keech Classroom) Life Sciences Complex building on=
Syracuse University Campus
What: Former political prisoner and convicted animal liberationist=20
Peter Young will be visiting Syracuse University to give a speech about
his experiences as a political prisoner, being on the run for several=20
years, and his views on effective social change. Peter Young is an=20
animal liberation activist the FBI formerly called =93an active member of=
the Animal Liberation Front=94. Emerging from 7 years of being wanted by=20
the FBI and a federal prison sentence after being charged with releasing
thousands of mink from mid-western fur farms, today Peter is an=20
activist, lecturer, and unapologetic supporter of those who work outside
the law to achieve human, earth, and animal liberation.
SVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/249998828513999/

Direct Art, Direct Action Workshop
Where: Room 207 Hall of L=
anguages, Syracuse University Campus
When: 6-8pm Monday, March 31st 201=
90 minute teach-in, discussing and outlining concrete examples of=20
effective progressive change and counterculture victory. Topics include=20
the rise of modern independent journalism, successful
working-class campaigns for local office, source reduction, dollar-vote
consumerism, and community organizing. Comprehensive examination of=20
organizing in terms of campaigns, strategies, and tactics. Additionally,
Direct Art, Direct Action seeks to examine the role all mediums of art=20
play in the presentation, facilitation, and documentation of lasting=20
human rights advances. Workshop includes breakdown and overview of=20
Jared=92s coverage of both the Democratic and Republican National=20
Conventions in 2004 & 2008 while on assignment for independent Rhode
Island-based news outlets, as well as his experiences as a core=20
organizer with Occupy Providence. This presentation is an interactive=20
info share, attendees will be encouraged to participate and take part in
discussion. Please bring writing materials or tablets.
RSVP here: https=

Amber Cana=
Environmental Studies
Environment, Communication and Society
UNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry