[saro_events] Important: Change of Venue for Peter Young Event

*IMPORTANT*: Citing unspecifi=
ed security concerns, S.U.’s DPS has moved this event to another building. =

The event has been banned in =
the Life Sciences building and will instead take place in the Hall of Langu=

What is S.U. hiding in that s=
ciences building?

Former Animal Liberation Prisoner Peter Young Spea=
When: Friday, March 28th from 7-8pm
Where: Room 215, Hall of Langu=
ages on Syracuse University Campus
What: Former political prisoner and co=
nvicted animal liberationist Peter Young will be visiting Syracuse Universi=
ty to give a speech about his experiences as a political prisoner, being on=
the run for several years, and his views on effective social change. Peter=
Young is an animal liberation activist the FBI formerly called =93an activ=
e member of the Animal Liberation Front=94. Emerging from 7 years of being =
wanted by the FBI and a federal prison sentence after being charged with re=
leasing thousands of mink from mid-western fur farms, today Peter is an act=
ivist, lecturer, and unapologetic supporter of those who work outside the l=
aw to achieve human, earth, and animal liberation.

Amber Canavan
l Studies
Environment, Communication and Society
SUNY College of Envi=
ronmental Science and Forestry