[saro_events] SARO year in recap

SARO has had a busy year! Here a=
re the highlights.

Annual Valentine’s Day anti- foie gras pr=
otest at L’Adour(L’Adour shut down recently due to tens of thousands of dol=
lars in back taxes owed to the city!)200 booklets about f=
actory farming and global warming given out a Bill McKibben’s speech in Hen=
drick’s ChapelMeatout on March 20th- gave out about 200 f=
ree vegan tofurky samples and “Why Vegan” bookletstwo potlucks hos=
ted at SARO members homes, with about 30 people in attendance between the t=
woAnnual ESF Insomniacs event with “The Vegan Zombie”. Dozens of s=
tudents attended to see a cooking demonstration by the Vegan Zombie( theveg=
anzombie.com) and eat a vegan dinnerPartnered with the Humane Soci=
ety of the United States to host the Syracuse stop of the Humane Lobby Day =
workshopHosted touring staff Humane League, who, along with SARO m=
embers, distributed 1,800 “Even If You like Meat” booklets to S.U. and ESF =
students in Aprilhosted nationally known speaker Peter Young at Sy=
racuse University. Mr. Young gave a speech about motivation and creative ac=
tions to help free animalsThrough a funding request at S.U., SARO =
became a bronze sponsor of the Worcester Vegfest in Massachusetts. SARO’s o=
wn Syracuse Vegfests were an inspiration for the Massachusetts activists wh=
o organize the Worcester Vegfest, so we are proud to help out our friends.a total of four vegan bake sales at ESF, as well as general interes=
t tables at activity fairs on both ESF and SU’s campus
A Day tr=
ip visit to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY with about 8 SARO members wh=
o carpooled downProtest at the McDonald’s on Erie Blvd on World An=
ti- McDonald’s Day. We had about 8 people, and had a lot of great conversat=
ions with McDonald’s customersSARO had a table at the Albany Veg E=
xpo, where we sold t-shirts and distributed stickers with animal rights mes=
sagesFur Free Friday protest at Skaneateles Furs in November30+ meetings, meeting almost every week


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