>Valentine’s Day Foie Gras Protest

Join Syracuse Animal Rights Organization for what marks three years of encouraging L’Adour to drop the cruel product called foie gras. Thousands of ducks are force fed with rigid tubes 3 times a day to produce this delicacy, which is the diseased, fattened liver of a tortured animal. Visit nofoiegras.org for more information about foie gras as well at ladourpollutes.com for more information about the environmental impacts of the foie gras industry.

When: Sunday, February 13th from 7-8pm
Where: L’Adour Restaurant 110 Montgomery St. in downtown Syracuse
What: Hold signs and distribute literature to restaurant goers and passerby on the Sunday before Valentine’s Day- should be a busy night. Dress warmly! We will be standing outside for an hour- hats, gloves, long-johns recommended!

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