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Call-in Day: Tell L’Adour to drop foie gras
L’Adour, a french restaurant in downtown Syracuse has continued to host foie gras on the menu despite years of protests and complaining customers. After a successful Valentine’s demonstration which drew 19 protesters, we want to keep the pressure on L’adour until the next time activists come to their door. Visit stopforcefeeding.com to educate yourself about foie gras and then, on March 5th, which is during a $75 per person ‘Mardi Gras Masque’ give the staff at L’Adour a call to express your
displeasure about their support of the foie gras industry. L’Adour has claimed that they get their foie gras from Hudson Valley Foie Gras, which has been cited for numerous animal welfare and environmental pollution violations. Tell them you are boycotting their restaurant until it is removed
from the menu. L’Adour’s phone number is: 315-475-7653. It is not uncommon that you will be hung up on, but it is important to remain polite but firm.
When: Saturday, March 5th, 2011. L’Adour’s Saturday hours are 8am-10pm.
Where: Anywhere your phone is

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