[saro_events] Veg outreach at S.U.!

The Humane League of New York is=
calling out for Volunteers!

Nathan Shin wor=
ks with The Humane League of New York and distributes
Vegan =
Outreach leaflets. He and his friend Constance will be doing a
leafletting tour of upstate NY schools and will be at Syracuse Universi=
ty on Wednesday, April 10th in the morning and early afternoon, and they ar=
e hoping that you
could join them!
To find out more about=
how this simple form of activism can have such a huge impact for animals, =
check out this blog by Farm Sanctuary: http://ccc.farmsanct=

If you are able to help out by  leafletting with th=
em please contact Nathan directly – details
below. Thank yo=

Nathan Shin
New York Direc=
tor, Humane League of New York
(626) 590-3840



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