[saro_events] Peter Young speaks, potluck and bake sale

Former Animal Liberation Prisoner Peter Young Speaks
When: Friday, April 12th from 7:30pm-9pm
Where: R=
oom 207 in the Hall of Languages on Syracuse University campus
What: Former political prisoner and convicted animal liberationist=
Peter Young will be visiting Syracuse University to give a speech about=20
his experiences as a political prisoner, being on the run for several=20
years, and his views on effective social change. Peter Young is an=20
animal liberation activist the FBI formerly called =93an active member of=
the Animal Liberation Front=94. Emerging from 7 years of being wanted by=20
the FBI and a federal prison sentence after being charged with releasing
thousands of mink from mid-western fur farms, today Peter is an=20
activist, lecturer, and unapologetic supporter of those who work outside
the law to achieve human, earth, and animal liberation. RSVP and chat abou=
t this event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/219989381480214/=

Westcott Nation Vegan Potluck

Come enjoy delicious=20
food, while possibly hanging out on the deck outside(weather=20
permitting). The potluck will be strictly vegan( no meat, dairy or=20
eggs), with an emphasis on local, organic food. Bring a dish to share-=20
either an entree, side, desert or drink. If you cannot bring food to=20
share, bring a $3 donation to SARO, which will be used toward our=20
educational projects about industrial farming. Vegans, vegetarians, and=20
curious omnivores are welcome!
When: Saturday, April 13th, 2013=
from 2pm-4pm
Where: RSVP to receive the address. RSVP here: ht=
This event will be held at a private residence, so please be=20
respectful of the space. There will be an oven and a microwave to heat=20
food if needed.

SARO Vegan Bake sale
This is a general bake sale to be used for our successful educational=20
events, as well as our volunteer animal foster program. Help by baking=20
and delivering your baked goods at the beginning of the bake sale, or=20
volunteering to sit at the table and sell the baked goods. Things that=20
sell well are muffins, cupcakes, cookies and brownies.
What: Ve=
gan bake sale( all baked goods contain no dairy, eggs or other animal produ=
Where: the front lobby in Marshall Hall on SUNY ESF campus=

When: From 9am-12pm on Monday April 15th, 2013


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