[saro_events] Climate Action Teach-in


The Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF divestment
campaign would like to invite you to the Teach In we are holding this T=
hursday. This is an opportunity to make history, and show the world where w=
e students in Syracuse, NY stand on climate action!
Two principles call us to action this Thursday. The first is that the =
current way energy is being produced in this country will ultimately lead t=
o catastrophic
results. The second principle is that change will not come passively o=
n its own, especially when dealing with the richest corporations on the pla=
net and their wells of profit. It will take a massive shift in social consc=
now, to welcome change and avoid the disaster that comes with a temp=
erature increase of up to 6 degrees C.
Something else very positive is happening here, too. We are creating a=
movement that goes deeper than our college affiliation, race, age, or cree=
d. We are standing together for future generations, for impoverished c=
ommunities, for life on earth : for justice!
Please come out this Thursday, and join student speakers and Ursula Ro=
sum for information and visual demonstrations. Information about where and =
when can be found on our

Facebook event page. Also, please share this invitation with your =
family, friends, clubs,
listserves, and social networks. We are hoping to make this event huge!

Yours in solidarity,
Mike S.


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