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[saro_events] Warped Tour Crew Interns – Now Accepting


Action for Animals is taking applications to be on our
crew for this summer’s Warped Tour.

**Please do not reply about volunteering at your local
show[s]; we will send a separate email about that soon.**

Being on the crew involves working all day outside at our booth at
Warped Tour shows and sharing the responsibility of driving the
van overnight between shows. Working the booth involves
leafleting, talking to concertgoers about veganism and animal
rights, and selling merchandise (shirts, stickers, buttons) to
help fund the tour.

This is a volunteer internship position (although AFA will pay for
food and travel expenses).

Applicant requirements:
Been vegan for at least one year
Be a non-smoker and drug-free
Be dedicated to promoting animal rights
Have knowledge of vegan and animal rights issues
Be very hard-working
Be able to work well with others
Be comfortable talking to people all day both at the booth and in
the crowd
Be capable of handling very loud, high-stress environments
Be able to lift 50 pounds regularly
Be able to drive a large van at night
Have a good driving record
Have had a drivers license for over 2 years
Be able to work in hot temperatures (sometimes over 100 degrees)
Not have any pre-existing medical conditions
Be over 18 years of age

Retail sales experience (handling merchandise, esp. apparel) and
prior activism experience are a plus.

AFA does not allow smoking, drinking, or drugs at our booth or in
our van. We ask all crew to be clean and sober while working with
AFA. We also require tour crew to shower daily and maintain good
personal hygiene.

If you’re interested in applying, please submit:
1) A cover letter

Your cover letter should include information about: why you
want to be on tour with AFA, how long you’ve been vegan, why you
became vegan, any significant activism experiance, what tour dates
you’re available for (you can view the tour schedule at http://www.vanswarpedt=,

your date of birth, where you live, your contact phone and email,
and how long you have had your drivers license and how long your
record has been clean. If you have them, please also provide your
Facebook, Twitter, and/or tumblr URLs.

2) Resume
In addition to schooling and work history, your resume should
include all of your animal rights activism experience (as well as
any activism in any other movements) as well as any prior touring
3) At least 2 references
Include name, email, and phone number for each reference. Please
also briefly state why you have listed each person as a reference.

Please send all information to:

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to be working with
you this summer to advance animal liberation!

PO Box 45843
Seattle, WA 98145

Free Vegan Starter Pack:

Online Store:





“Take sides.
Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence
encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”





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[saro_events] Dinner With SARO at Strong Hearts

Dinner with SARO at Strong Heart=

What: Come celebrate the end of another productive school year with SARO at=
Strong Hearts Cafe, Syracuse’s only vegan restaurant. We will be meeting u=
p at the restaurant and ordering/paying individually for our own orders, an=
d eating as a group. This is a great oppurtunity to bring a friend who has =
never eaten vegan food! You can find a menu here:

Where: Strong Hearts Cafe 719 E. Genesee Stree Syracuse, NY

When: Tuesday, April 30th at 7pm

Walk/Bikepool: Since the cafe is only 6 blocks away, we will walk as a grou=
p down to the cafe. Meet at 6:30pm sharp at the loading dock of the Schine =
Student Center on Waverly Ave.


[saro_events] “Judaism and Vegetarianism” is topic of SHARING THE

> “Judaism and Vege=
tarianism” is the topic of SHARING THE EARTH on
> Channel 98 Time-Wa=
rner public access TV on Sat. April 27 from 10 p.m.
> to 11 p.m.
> Richard Schwartz combines humor and passion to explain how the tenets =

> of Judaism are consistent with a plant-based diet. SHARING THE EAR=
> is a project of People for Animal Rights, P.O. Box 15358, Syrac=
> 13215-0358, (315)488-PURR (7877),, >



[saro_events] Last meeting of the semester: tonight

As a reminder, today is the last=
SARO meeting of the semester.
There is technically one more Tuesday lef=
t in the semester, and we will decide at tonight’s meeting what restaurant =
or cafe we want to meet up in to celebrate, so stay tuned for details, or b=
etter yet, come to the meeting, and help us decide!

Last meeting of =
the semester
When: Tuesday, April 23rd
Where: Marshall Hall room 111,=
SUNY ESF campus

End of School Year Celebration
When: Tuesday, Ap=
ril 30th
Where: To Be Determined


[saro_events] SARO year in recap

SARO has had a busy year! Here a=
re the highlights.

Annual Valentine’s Day anti- foie gras pr=
otest at L’Adour(L’Adour shut down recently due to tens of thousands of dol=
lars in back taxes owed to the city!)200 booklets about f=
actory farming and global warming given out a Bill McKibben’s speech in Hen=
drick’s ChapelMeatout on March 20th- gave out about 200 f=
ree vegan tofurky samples and “Why Vegan” bookletstwo potlucks hos=
ted at SARO members homes, with about 30 people in attendance between the t=
woAnnual ESF Insomniacs event with “The Vegan Zombie”. Dozens of s=
tudents attended to see a cooking demonstration by the Vegan Zombie( theveg= and eat a vegan dinnerPartnered with the Humane Soci=
ety of the United States to host the Syracuse stop of the Humane Lobby Day =
workshopHosted touring staff Humane League, who, along with SARO m=
embers, distributed 1,800 “Even If You like Meat” booklets to S.U. and ESF =
students in Aprilhosted nationally known speaker Peter Young at Sy=
racuse University. Mr. Young gave a speech about motivation and creative ac=
tions to help free animalsThrough a funding request at S.U., SARO =
became a bronze sponsor of the Worcester Vegfest in Massachusetts. SARO’s o=
wn Syracuse Vegfests were an inspiration for the Massachusetts activists wh=
o organize the Worcester Vegfest, so we are proud to help out our friends.a total of four vegan bake sales at ESF, as well as general interes=
t tables at activity fairs on both ESF and SU’s campus
A Day tr=
ip visit to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY with about 8 SARO members wh=
o carpooled downProtest at the McDonald’s on Erie Blvd on World An=
ti- McDonald’s Day. We had about 8 people, and had a lot of great conversat=
ions with McDonald’s customersSARO had a table at the Albany Veg E=
xpo, where we sold t-shirts and distributed stickers with animal rights mes=
sagesFur Free Friday protest at Skaneateles Furs in November30+ meetings, meeting almost every week


[saro_events] FW: Farm Sanctuary news: Our doors are open for

Farm Sanctuary


If you have trouble viewing this email, please =
use this link: Newsletter

April 2013 – In this Issue


Our Doors Are Open
May 1 is the first day of visitor season at our shelters in Watkins Glen, N=
Y and Orland, CA, so make plans now for your visit. Our shelter near Los An=
geles is open all year.


Join us on May 4
Join Gene Baur for a fashionable evening in New York City! 

Hug a Farm Animal Day on June 1
Come and enjoy time with the animals, hors d’oeuvres, and
presentations by Gene and Kathy Freston at our LA-area shelter. 

Michael Saved in the Nick of Time
His rescuer pulled up at the =
same time as the truck bound for auction.

Victory in California
The dangerous ag-gag bill died in the assembly.  


Photo credits: Farm Sanctuary staff and Karol Orzechowski.


watch: update on
200 rescued hens



Follow our Blog

Farm Sanctuary Blog

Get Involved

Compassionate Communities Campaign

Job Opportunities

Join Our Communities

Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors for Compassion



Farm Sanctua=
 | PO Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891 | 607-583=
-2225 |

Farm Sanctu=
ary=92s financial report and state registration information


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nonprofit sof=


[saro_events] Now Hiring: 10 Billion Lives Tour Positions

Having trouble vieiwing this e-mail? View the web version.

Join Us in Changing Lives & Saving Animals!

Are you passionate about promoting a v=
egan lifestyle and looking for a meaningful job? Do you want to directly ex=
perience on-the-road activism through a program with proven results in spar=
ing the lives of animals?

Farm Animal Rights Movement is seeking candidat=
es for two contracted positions (Operator & Assistant) for the 10 Billi=
on Lives regional tour starting in May 2013 and running until at least Dece=
mber 31, 2013.
These positions require traveling most of the year =
within Southern California, Arizona, and possibly other states. Learn more =
about the original National tour at; the regional tour will be similar, though invol=
ve a smaller vehicle.

10 Billion Lives Southwest Operator

The 10 Billion Lives Southwest Operator =
will lead all outreach events along with several administrative tasks.

Responsibilities include but are=
not limited to:

=95 Driving between event locations
=95 Training local volunteers at events
=95 Engaging the public through pay-per-view when l=
ocal volunteers are unavailable
=95 Maintaining financial records of all spending
=95 Coordinating vehicle and equipment maintenance =
and repairs
=95 Communicating with the 10 Billion Lives Event C=
oordinator & Director of Outreach Programs as needed

Requirements include:

Preferred expe=

=95 Dedication to FARM’s vegan missi=
=95 Demonstrated ability to =
work well with others
=95 A valid driver=92s licen=
se and good driving record
=95 Willingness to make long=
drives occasionally
=95 A smartphone and/or tablet with int=
ernet access
=95 Ability to lift 50 lbs or more.

=95 Activism
=95 Traveling or touring
=95 Driving large vehicles
=95 Television and newspaper=
=95 Management


10 =
Billion Lives Southwest Assistant

The 10 Billion Lives Tour Assistant will=
manage social media efforts, perform outreach, and assist with administrat=
ive tasks.

Responsibilities include but are=
not limited to:

=95 Taking photos and video (during even=
ts & at other times)
=95 Posting updates to Twitter
=95 Calling local volunteers prior to events =

=95 Scanning receipts
=95 Engaging the public through pay-per-view

Requirements i=

Preferred expe=

=95 Dedication to FARM’s vegan missi=
=95 Demonstrated ability to work well w=
ith others
=95 Willingness to make long drives
=95 Activism
=95 Traveling or touring
=95 Driving large vehicles

The ideal candidates are organized, resp=
onsible, stick to deadlines, and work well with others. They can keep posit=
ive attitudes, articulate our cause to the public and media, and =96 most i=
mportantly =96 be content living meagerly on the road. Couples applying tog=
ether will be considered. Sorry, companion animals cannot come along due to=
regulations on some college campuses the tour will visit.

The operator will be given the opportuni=
ty to assist in choosing a Tour Assistant. Events are held 5 days per week.=
The tour will launch from Portland, Oregon in early May before traveling d=
own to its permanent home in the Southwest. Staff will be given 10 vacation=
days per year.

View the full job listing and/or e-mail to apply.

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) is a national non-=
profit organization working to end the use of animals for food through publ=
ic education and grassroots activism. We believe in the inherent self-worth=
of animals, as well as environmental protection and enhanced public health=

10101 Ashburton Lane Bethesda, MD 20817 | 888-FARM-US=

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[saro_events] New York – Lobby Day For Animals – May 7


2013 New York S=
tate Lobby Day
Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shooting Contests



Prohibit Horse-Drawn Carriages in New York =

lease join us for the
2013 NY State Lobby Day
for Selected Animal Protection Bills Currently Pending in=
the New York State Legislature

Sponsored and Supported by


The League of Hum=
ane Voters of New York
Friends of Animals


In De=
fense of Animals


Join Us Tuesday, May 7, 2013

at 11:15 am in Albany at the LOB Hearing Ro=
om A


is No Charge to Register

Please Register Now to A=


There will be a bus ($20 roundtrip)
m Manhattan to Albany  for this event


After you register you will have the option to b=
uy a seat on the bus

Click here to view this message onli=
ne at our website.



to uns=
ubscribe, please click here




[saro_events] Climate Action Teach-in


The Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF divestment
campaign would like to invite you to the Teach In we are holding this T=
hursday. This is an opportunity to make history, and show the world where w=
e students in Syracuse, NY stand on climate action!
Two principles call us to action this Thursday. The first is that the =
current way energy is being produced in this country will ultimately lead t=
o catastrophic
results. The second principle is that change will not come passively o=
n its own, especially when dealing with the richest corporations on the pla=
net and their wells of profit. It will take a massive shift in social consc=
now, to welcome change and avoid the disaster that comes with a temp=
erature increase of up to 6 degrees C.
Something else very positive is happening here, too. We are creating a=
movement that goes deeper than our college affiliation, race, age, or cree=
d. We are standing together for future generations, for impoverished c=
ommunities, for life on earth : for justice!
Please come out this Thursday, and join student speakers and Ursula Ro=
sum for information and visual demonstrations. Information about where and =
when can be found on our

Facebook event page. Also, please share this invitation with your =
family, friends, clubs,
listserves, and social networks. We are hoping to make this event huge!

Yours in solidarity,
Mike S.


[saro_events] Peter Young speaks, potluck and bake sale

Former Animal Liberation Prisoner Peter Young Speaks
When: Friday, April 12th from 7:30pm-9pm
Where: R=
oom 207 in the Hall of Languages on Syracuse University campus
What: Former political prisoner and convicted animal liberationist=
Peter Young will be visiting Syracuse University to give a speech about=20
his experiences as a political prisoner, being on the run for several=20
years, and his views on effective social change. Peter Young is an=20
animal liberation activist the FBI formerly called =93an active member of=
the Animal Liberation Front=94. Emerging from 7 years of being wanted by=20
the FBI and a federal prison sentence after being charged with releasing
thousands of mink from mid-western fur farms, today Peter is an=20
activist, lecturer, and unapologetic supporter of those who work outside
the law to achieve human, earth, and animal liberation. RSVP and chat abou=
t this event here:

Westcott Nation Vegan Potluck

Come enjoy delicious=20
food, while possibly hanging out on the deck outside(weather=20
permitting). The potluck will be strictly vegan( no meat, dairy or=20
eggs), with an emphasis on local, organic food. Bring a dish to share-=20
either an entree, side, desert or drink. If you cannot bring food to=20
share, bring a $3 donation to SARO, which will be used toward our=20
educational projects about industrial farming. Vegans, vegetarians, and=20
curious omnivores are welcome!
When: Saturday, April 13th, 2013=
from 2pm-4pm
Where: RSVP to receive the address. RSVP here: ht=
This event will be held at a private residence, so please be=20
respectful of the space. There will be an oven and a microwave to heat=20
food if needed.

SARO Vegan Bake sale
This is a general bake sale to be used for our successful educational=20
events, as well as our volunteer animal foster program. Help by baking=20
and delivering your baked goods at the beginning of the bake sale, or=20
volunteering to sit at the table and sell the baked goods. Things that=20
sell well are muffins, cupcakes, cookies and brownies.
What: Ve=
gan bake sale( all baked goods contain no dairy, eggs or other animal produ=
Where: the front lobby in Marshall Hall on SUNY ESF campus=

When: From 9am-12pm on Monday April 15th, 2013